Niels Voorneveld

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Bachelor's thesis:
Diophantine representations of recursive enumerable sets, [link].

Master's thesis:
On constructions of partial combinatory algebras and their relation to topology, [link].

Doctoral thesis:
Equality between programs with effects, [link] [Draft].

List of publications:

Jaap van Oosten and Niels Voorneveld:
Extensions of Scott's Graph Model and Kleene's Second Algebra,
Indagationes Mathematicae, Volume 29, Issue 1, February 2018, Pages 5-22, [preprint].

Niels Voorneveld:
Non-deterministic Effects in a Realizability Model,
ENTCS, Volume 336, April 2018, Pages 299-314, [link].

Alex Simpson and Niels Voorneveld:
Behavioural Equivalence via Modalities for Algebraic Effects,
Conference version, ESOP 2018, April 2018, Pages 300-326, [link].
Extended journal version, ACM TOPLAS, November 2019, Article No. 4 [link] [preprint].

Niels Voorneveld:
Quantitative Logics for Equivalence of Effectful Programs,
MFPS XXXV, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, volume 347, 2019 [link]